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Who we are

Founded in 1933, ESTRELLA FARMA is a Spanish pharmaceutical company with extensive international experience that researches, produces and markets pharmaceutical products and raw materials, exporting them to many countries.
The identity of the company is defined by an unwavering search of excellence, the constant pursuit of a máximum pharmacological quality of all its products and the consequent effort to always offer highly effective solutions for patients.

ESTRELLA FARMA operates in many countries, employing more than 1,200 people. Its headquarters, manufacturing and R & D center is located in Madrid Spain. ESTRELLA FARMA has also facilities in France ,Colombia & Italy.


ESTRELLA FARMA was born in 1933 and the town of Madrid, Spain witnessed the birth of a new pharmaceutical factory, which originally occupied only 4,000 square metres, destined mainly to manufacturing arsenical drugs.
It was opened in 1935, with the presence of the Under-Secretary for health Manuel Bermejillo, becoming the first of many personalities from industry, finance and politics to visit the laboratories during their history.
In on year, more than 300,000 ampoules of neoarsenobenzol were used in Hospitals, Dispensaries and private clinics.
There were different achievements in the following years, among which we can highlight the industrial synthesis (Unique in Spain) of camphocarbonic acid, the launch on the market of the anti-malarial drugs in the Spanish regions affected by malaria, the industrial preparation of different and complex calcium salts, and one of the milestones of the company: The launch on the Spanish market of , a pharmaceutical product whose success was the stimulus for the new research and the synthesis of new sulfonamide preparations on the global level.
The Spanish Civil War ended, but then the 2nd World War began, making it even more difficult to obtain raw materials. A new opening event took place on 8 September 1942, finishing the enlargement of the industry that had begun four years earlier. This event coincided with the 5th National Meeting of Spanish Dermatologists, in Bilbao, enabling dozens of specialists in this and other medical specialities to visit the ESTRELLA FARMA factory and witness the great work of the laboratories during those years.

Estrella Farma in figures

ESTRELLA Farma in figures

ESTRELLA Farma, a national pharmaceutical company founded in 1933, has a solid presence in Spain and Portugal, with a broad and growing international development, with presence in numerous countries and exporting raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products to a growing number of nations.
For the development of research, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products, ESTRELLA Farma has a workforce of 1,292 people (by June 30, 2019), in its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, offices in Portal Italy & Mexico.
One of the the biggest results of the pharmaceutical research activity of ESTRELLA Farma is the launch of our antihistamine molecule, marketed in Spain since 2011 and licensed in more than 120 countries throughout the world.
ESTRELLA Farma Group ended 2018 with a turnover of 324.3 million euros, which represents an improvement of 18.1% compared to 2017. This positive evolution reaffirms the trend of previous years and driven this year for the full-year integration of the three new subsidiaries acquired in 2017 and the notable improvement in the perimeter turnover prior to these purchases.
Also noteworthy is the positive evolution of the “Other Operating Income” caption, doubling the amount achieved in 2017, thanks to the magnificent performance of the licenses granted, both for bilastine and for other molecules.
ESTRELLA Farma Group ended 2018 with a Consolidated Net Profit of 51.59 million euros, with an increase of 24.7% compared to 2017, obtaining in 2018 the highest profit in its history.



R&D+i reveals all the potential value of ESTRELLA FARMA’s traditional vademecum, composed of innovative and high quality medicines, reinforcing our presence in the principal therapeutic areas and facilitating new synergic commercial agreements with other global pharmaceutical companies. In this respect, ESTRELLA FARMA has focused on R&D+i for the development of new drugs that can offer clinical benefits in the therapeutic areas in which the company aims to achieve a position of leadership and in which it already has experience. Resources and organisation The Research Center is staffed by around 70 highly qualified people, among which there are more than 40 university graduates. More than 14,000,000 euros were spent on R&D+i in 2017 and almost 3,000,000 euros invested in equipment. Projects are carried out in the installations in Madrid, Spain, dedicating more than 4000 M2 to this work. The R&D+i department is organised in three large areas: IDi API (R&D+i for Active Ingredients), IDi Farma (R&D+i for Development and Pharmaceutical Technologies) and IDi Clínica (Clinical R&D+i). Other valuable teams also collaborate in areas such as Project Management and R&D+I Promotion. Exciting projects: ESTRELLA2020 launched in January 2015 a Strategic Initiative called ESTRELLA2020 which defines the main strategic objectives in R& D+i for the next 5 years:  the development of 20 novel medicines before the end of 2020. This initiative seeks not only to expand the supply of Bilastine products, but to extend its life cycle with new patents, to internationalize and to enlarge ESTRELLA FARMA portfolio, Moreover, there is a plan to develop a new chemical entity within the area that has given us so much success: Allergy.

  • As a result of ESTRELLA FARMA’s effort to enhance R&D+I, important milestones have been achieved, including:The marketing in 2016 of an innovative medicine that complements ESTRELLA FARMA’s catalogue of products in its Vitamin D line. Colcalciferol Soft Gelatin Capsule represents a remarkable step forward in the comfort and simplicity of administration taking for patients, significantly improving presentations currently available in the market.
  • The approval in 2016 of bilastine in Japan, a market that concentrates more than 26% of the world sales in euros of prescription antihistamines.

The European approval in 2017 of paediatric bilastine in its oral solution and orodispersible tablet presentations

  • The approval in 2017 of Claversal 1g gastro-resistant tablets by the Spanish Agency of Medicines, relevant change in posology for ulcerative colitis reliief.
  • Building and set up of a Pilot Plant for manufacturing drugs under research at the necessary scale for clinical and development phases, which will enable the development of these new drugs in an effective manner and within a global regulatory framework, including specific requirements, not only European, but also American

Following the lines of this Strategic Plan in R&D+i, ESTRELLA FARMA:

  • Has presented more than 5 European patent applications.
  • Is developing 15 of the innovative drugs included in the ESTRELLA 2020 strategic initiative, which correspond to 5 innovative drugs in the Bilaxten line, 3 in the Claversal line, one in each of the Hidroferol, Venosmil, Hemorrane and Dynamogen product lines and 3 new drugs that will complement the ESTRELLA FARMA product lines in the Allergy/ENT, Gastroenterology, Trauma/Rheumatism and Family Care therapeutic lines.
Code of Ethics and Conduct

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the way in which companies, in their management, contribute in an active and voluntary manner to the interests of their stakeholders (Workers, clients, suppliers, shareholders…) as well as caring for their ecological and social impact, giving an added value to the company and improving its competitiveness.

CSR must serve to improve the quality of life of the communities it operates in and for society as a whole. This must all be taken into account in the day-to-day management, policies and operations of the entire organisation, by means of a collection of responsibilities for its actions. It must be a global effort, integrated into the value chain of the company and must be materialised in the three spheres of responsibility: economic, social and environmental. It means, in short, that the company takes on responsibility for all its actions.

This is how it is understood by ESTRELLA FARMA, assuming its Corporate Social Responsibility as a general commitment (Ethical, social and environmental) to the different groups that interact with the company. ESTRELLA FARMA is aware that society is ever more needy of companies that strive for the best balance between the profitability of their activities and contributing to the improvement of all areas which are affected by them.


ESTRELLA FARMA’s Corporate Social Responsibility is based on the following commitments:

  • A commitment to Society in general, participating and contributing to sustainable development.
  • A commitment to the Environment, respecting and protecting it.
  • A commitment to Total Quality, striving for excellence in our products.
  • A commitment to our Employees; offering them adequate training.
  • A commitment to our Shareholders, creating value for them.
  • A commitment to our Clients, offering them quality products and services.
  • A commitment to our Suppliers in order to achieve the necessary synergies and balanced mutual benefits.

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